“We are so happy with the protection we have when using BugMeNot!  Not only do we really like the fragrance, but the flies, no-see-ems, and all the other unwanted flying creatures don’t seem to like it!  It is so nice to be able to spray something all over you, and not worry about staining your clothing or harming your skin.  Thank you for your gift to us…..we are completely satisfied, and will promote this product down here for sure!  God bless your family and your business!”

Carol D.


“It worked great at the farm. While I was bushhogging,  the barn swallows were diving all around the tractor eating the bugs I stirred up, but I never got bit once. What I like about the product also, it’s not greasy. So I keep cleaner and not so hot , out working like that. Plus no bad chemicals. Great product. Thank You!”

Lou Ann, Ohio


“All of us in my golf foursome have found BugMeNot spray keeps away those pesky gnats that always seem to be swarming around our heads out on the golf course.”

AC, New Jersey


“I use BugMeNot to keep mosquitoes and ticks away – especially when I ‘m outside with my sons. Whether we’re working in the garden, playing ball, or on the slide, BugMeNot Spray keeps the bugs away.”

DP, New Hampshire.


“Before we take off kayaking down the river, I have a short check list. BugMeNot is at the top because it works. Really.”

DS, Bearsville, New York


“We spray our kids with BugMeNot and have them tuck their pants in their socks to help protect against ticks…”

LR, Wittenberg, New York


“…We spend a lot of time on the Chesapeake Bay and use BugMeNot when we are fishing and exploring.”

Ken W, Annapolis, Maryland


“After our daughter’s garden graduation party, where we found BugMeNot to be effective and used by all the guests, we bought a few dozen new bottles to have on hand for our son’s upcoming outdoor wedding. Everyone who used the spray liked it, and I happen to also love the attractive bottle.”

JS, Kingston, New York


“…I’ve been covering up when I jog, even on nice days because of the bugs. I refuse to put chemicals on my skin. My neighbor told me about your natural Bugmenot spray. Best of all it works. Next photo I send you I’ll be sleeveless!”

MB, Atlanta, Georgia


“The guys at the bike shop swore your product works. I have to say they were right…”

AS, Phoenix, Arizona


“I kayaked in the Adirondacks last weekend and was not bitten once.  Highly effective with a great scent.”

Mark S, Albany, New York


“I enjoy hiking outdoors but was always worried about ticks. I haven’t seen a tick on me since I started using BugMeNot…”

AM, Kansas


“I was getting bitten all day mowing the lawn. I applied BugMeNot and the annoying insects disappeared.” WC, New York

“You don’t even realize you are wearing a bug repellent…The smell is great and it really works.”

SC, New Jersey


“We took BugMeNot camping and had to share it with everyone around the camp fire…”

Philip P., Denver, Colorado.


“I am so happy I found this before my kids went to camp. I sent an extra bottle for their friends…”

TS, Connecticut


“I am one of the most popular grandmothers at the Little League games…I share it with all the parents to keep the mosquitoes and gnats away.”

AEC, New York


“Whether we are trout fishing or barbecuing in the back yard we use BugMeNot to make sure the gnats and mosquitoes do not bother us…”

Glenn L., Loveland, Ohio


“My customers say the stuff works and they keep coming back for more…”

JB, Massachusetts