Safety & Testing

BugMeNot Spray is a non-toxic, chemical free and DEET-free insect repellent that is safe for the entire family; Mom, Dad, and the kids. Even the family dog(s).


BugMeNot Spray has been tested by an international testing lab specializing in the development of alternative technologies that are in harmony with the environment.


The laboratory headquartered in the Pacific Islands has biological research stations located around the world and conduct Insect testing in locations including the Philippines, India, and Tunisia.  All testing was done in accordance with ASTM standards (American Society for Testing & Materials) E 951-94.


BugMeNot has been tested and proven an effective repellent against creeping, crawling, biting, and flying bothersome insects.  During the flying/swarming testing trials BugMeNot Spray was found to outperform products containing DEET by more than FIFTY percent (50%).


Pregnant women and mothers of infant children should follow best practices and always consult with their doctors before use.


Always avoid eye contact.


If after applying there is any reaction to the essential oils discontinue use. Seek medical advice if needed.