10 (Fun and not so Fun) Facts About Mosquitoes

  1. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on the planet.  More deaths are associated with mosquitoes than any other animal on the planet.
  2. When outside wear light colored clothing.  Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, dark blues and black.  When needed wear long sleeves and pants to minimize the uncovered areas of your body where insects might bite you.
  3. Mosquitoes can detect you by a number of factors form 75-100 feet away.
  4. Mosquitoes are attracted to some people more so than others.  Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale and lactic acid that your body emits during exercise or when eating certain foods.  Studies have found mosquitoes are also attracted more to people with blood type O and less to people with blood type A.
  5. Only female mosquitoes bite and feed on humans and animals.  Males feed on flower nectar.
  6. Studies have found that pregnant women can attract up to twice the number of mosquitoes.  Especially in the third trimester.  It was found women in their third trimester emit up to 28% more carbon dioxide than non pregnant women.
  7. Mosquitoes roamed with the dinosaurs.  Mosquitoes are know from as far back as the Triassic   period – over 400 million years ago.
  8. One study found mosquitoes can be more than 500% more active during a full moon.
  9. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at one time and mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in water and have been known to hibernate when the temperature goes below fifty degrees.
  10. Mosquitoes must have water to breed.  To minimize mosquitoes around your home make sure you minimize the amount of stagnant water outside.  Empty buckets, bird baths, kiddie pools, flower pots, kids toys, and “stuff” laying around provides great mosquito breeding spots.